Thursday WOD 12/7/17

Don’t forget we have Yoga tonight at 6:30 🙂

Warm Up:

2 Rounds:
40 ft Frankenstein Walk
10 Lunges
40 ft High Knees
10 Push Ups
40 ft Broad Jumps
10 Atomic Sit Ups

Skill Work:

Technique Thursday
Handstand, Handstand Walk, and Handstand Push Ups


Death by:
10m Shuttle Sprint

Two cones will be set up 10m apart. With a running clock, sprint 10m in the 1st minute, sprint 20m in the 2nd minute, sprint 30m in the 3rd minute, etc, etc, etc. At least one foot must pass the cone and one hand must touch the ground before you turn for the next 10m. Continue in this fashion until you fail to complete the prescribed distance in the proper minute.

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